What to Do When Ordering Mexican Food

Ladies Ordering at Mexican Food Restaurant

Mexican food is extremely tasty; unfortunately, a lot of it can be fattening. The following tips can help you order the right dishes when you go out with friends, thus enabling you to stick to a healthy diet while still enjoying the fun of eating out.

Go Genuine

Americanized Mexican dishes typically have a higher fat content (especially fat from animals) than genuine Mexican dishes. Baja Fresh's Steak Quesadilla, for instance, contains a whopping 86 grams of fat. Other American Mexican restaurants do not fare much better as the ingredients used are less fresh and less nutritious than those used by genuine Mexican cooks.

Choose Dishes with Care

Fish and other seafood are typically low in fat and delicious to boot. Ceviche is a good option; it is made with shrimps and scallops and contains only five grams of fat. Huachinango a la Veracruzana is another good choice; it is made with Pacific red snapper along with a number of fresh vegetables and may have anywhere from two to nine grams of fat per serving.

Stick with the Good Ingredients

Mexico is also known for its tasty bean dishes. Just about any one of these can be a good option if you avoid the fattening cream and cheese toppings. Tamales stuffed with beans is a good choice, as the tamales themselves are made from a healthy, fiber-rich corn that will leave you feeling satisfied without adding to your waistline.

Mexican food is currently one of the top three most popular cuisines in the United States and it is not hard to see why. Thankfully, you can still enjoy this tasty food at a local restaurant as long as you order dishes with care. Stick with low-fat proteins and avoid calorie-rich toppings to ensure that you do not pack on the pounds while enjoying a night out with family and/or friends.


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