Lifestyle Change is Best Taken in Baby Steps

 Child with Bowl of Healthy SnacksThe process of lifestyle change involves experimenting with a daily diet until a cooking and shopping method that works for one personally is found.  Both the type and amount of food that is going down the hatch at home has to change for weight loss to stick, and that has to become ingrained habit.

Whole grains and beans are two of the toughest food types to get in the family diet on a regular basis.    Done correctly, they both make for fantastic meals and sides.  Cooking a big batch of beans (soak them in salted water overnight, they'll be creamy when cooked) or a whole grain such as wheat or quinoa can take the work out of sides for the week, and they are so versatile that, with a little creative recipe shuffling, it's hard to get bored. 

Choosing one day a week to eat vegan or vegetarian is another great tactic.  Both vegan and vegetarian cuisines offer some interesting and delicious methods of cooking vegetables.  Different color and flavor combinations make for a great way to change up a boring menu rut.  Besides, roasted red pepper puree makes a fantastic sauce for carnivores and vegetarians alike.  Skip the frozen, processed options here as with ordinary meals, vegetarian food is much better made fresh.

Snacks are a hang up for a lot of people.  After skipping breakfast and even lunch on busy days, finding a snack at 3pm is an absolute must.  Processed snacks are easy to come by out of the nearest vending machine, and will keep in the office drawer for a millennium or so.  So don't eat them.  Instead, choose nuts and seeds which will keep pretty well for months in that same office drawer, or fresh fruit and vegetables.  Frozen grapes are a better choice than candy.  A bag of carrots or even celery will keep in the fridge at work for weeks, and is packed with vitamins and fiber.


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