Time for You to Take a Hike?

Couple Taking a Hike in the Park

Metabolic Research Center believes exercise should be fun. It is not necessary to pump iron like a body builder to lose weight. MRC offers five reasons why hiking is a great exercise to slim down and tone up while entertaining the mind:

Hiking Provides a Better Workout

Categorized as an aerobic exercise, hiking promotes cardio-respiratory fitness including heart, lungs and blood vessels. It slows loss of bone density and improves muscle strength, sleep quality and weight control.

Hiking Provides a Change Of Pace

Hiking provides a plethora of possible views. The city skyline, the park, the river, the beach, the woods, the views are endless, which reduces the possibility of boredom and burnout.

Hiking Can Help You Reduce Stress

Studies have shown that being outside and among nature is a prime stress reliever and can help lower incidences of depression.

Hiking Offers a Chance for Some "Me Time"

Need a little me-time? Taking a solo hike offers a chance to get away for a bit to think, reflect and recharge.

Hiking Offers a Chance for Some "We Time"

On the other hand, hiking also offers a chance to reconnect with your significant other, your kids or your best bud.

Hiking is a very efficient way to add exercise to your weight loss program. According to livestrong.com, a 175-pound person who hikes three times a week for two hours each outing is likely to lose an additional 1 pound per week. To learn more about low-impact exercise, contact the Metabolic Research Center today.


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