Snack Smart to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

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Snacking is not necessarily the enemy of your weight loss plan. In fact, eating regular, healthy snacks throughout the day can be a good way to add extra nutrients to your diet. It can also help you avoid eating more than you should at mealtime. Here are some tips that can enable you to avoid unhealthy snacks and stick to nutritious ones that will help you shed unwanted pounds.

Plan Your Snacks

Get rid of unhealthy snacks and replace them with healthy alternatives. Homemade smoothies, fruit, chopped vegetable sticks and dip, homemade granola, nuts and raisins, low-fat yogurt, chicken breast and whole wheat crackers are all good snack options for anyone who needs a pick-me-up during the day.


Think While You Eat

Eating too much in one sitting will pack on the pounds, even if you are eating healthy food. Avoid this common pitfall by only serving yourself small portions and being mindful of how much you are eating at any one time.

Make Sure Exceptions Remain Exceptions

It is all too easy to make exceptions to your healthy eating plan during the holiday season. While eating a few unhealthy treats from time to time is OK, just be sure that exceptions don't happen on a regular basis. Eat before going to a holiday party so you aren't super hungry while there, stay away from the snack table and make sure any unhealthy snacks you keep at home are not easily accessible.

Snacking right is an important part of any weight loss plan. It helps to keep your blood sugar even and ensures you are getting enough nutrients in the course of your day. Just make sure that most of your snacks are healthy and keep an eye on how much you serve yourself to avoid overeating.


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