Healthy Weight Loss Tricks and Reasonable Treats

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Lifestyle change is not about deprivation, but about shifting the diet to healthier choices and proportions.  Diet is more than 80% of weight loss, and maintaining healthier choices after the diet is over is 100% of keeping the weight off.  Medical studies have shown that pure deprivation doesn't work.  Lifestyle change is all about choosing a fun size candy bar when once it would have been a king sized one, and adding more fruits, whole grains and vegetables to the plate.  There are many little tricks that can help, and this is a list of a few.

Alcohol is packed with calories, even hard alcohol.  Most mixers are packed with carbohydrates as well, and often a long list of artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives.  Keeping an eye on what is in the glass at the bar or the party, and having a glass of water in between each drink, will keep the calorie and funky chemical count to a minimum. 

It's a bad office move to stop eating out with coworkers entirely, but bringing a lunch from home as often as possible helps both the wallet and the waist line.  Good food choices are not really getting any more common in most restaurants, and they are getting more and more expensive.

Read bread labels.  Eat whole grain bread.  It takes a little getting used to, but it is worth it.  It has more flavor, as well.

Choose white meat poultry over dark meat.  It is a fat reduction.  For beef and pork, choose leaner cuts.

Really pressed for time?  Fish is the quickest cooking option out there, and should be part of a heart-healthy diet three times a week anyway, due to its omega-3 content. 

Flavor steamed vegetables with lemon juice, herbs, or vinegar rather than butter.  Sauces and Dressings should be served on the side.  To get the flavor without making the food swim in the sauces, the fork should be dipped into the sauce or dressing before spearing the food.  Much less gets used that way, and the salad gets enough to keep it from being dry.


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