Four Post-Workout Mistakes that Can Lead to Weight Gain

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Regular workouts are key to helping you to reach and maintain a healthy weight. But what you do in the hours following your workout matter, too. In fact, certain common mistakes can actually cause you to gain weight, defeating the purpose of your workouts altogether. Metabolic Research Center offers tips for avoiding these four common post-workout blunders.

  1. Skipping your post-workout meal: A great workout is no excuse for gorging out afterward. But eating too little also serves to defeat your purpose. After an exercise session, your body needs protein to help repair and rebuild muscle tissue. Whey protein is particularly beneficial, as research shows it helps to improve muscle mass and increase fat loss. Enjoy a small, high-protein meal 15 to 45 minutes after working out.
  2. Skipping your post-workout cool-down: If you're in a rush, you may be tempted to skip the cool-down portion of your workout so that you can squeeze in a few more minutes with the weights or on the machines. Big mistake, experts say. Cooling down and stretching allows your body to safely return to its pre-workout state, heart rate and breathing rate. It also promotes flexibility and eases muscle soreness. Skipping the cool-down and stretch increases your chances of sustaining an injury that can take weeks off your workout routine, delaying your weight loss progress. It's well worth the five extra minutes.
  3. Failing to record your progress: If reaching your weight loss goals is taking longer than you expected, it can prove disheartening. Remember that sustainable results happen gradually, and having visible, written reminders of your progress can help keep you encouraged, motivated and on track. Set small, weekly goals and record your progress towards each.
  4. Overdoing the rewards: Hitting each of those goals is cause for celebration. But too often, people choose to celebrate in ways that can essentially undo their progress. Rather than rewarding yourself with a slice of French silk pie or a high-calorie cocktail, choose a non-caloric reward such as a new haircut, relaxing pedicure or a day out with your best pals.

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