The New See Food Diet

Bowl of Fresh Berries

You've probably heard someone say that they are on a "See Food Diet". In other words, they see food and eat it. Amusing and harmless? Not so fast, new research suggests that what we see may be one of the reasons weight management can be so difficult for many of us. Most of us know how hard it can be to resist temptations. In fact, even when we're not hungry, it can be almost impossible to resist junk food. If you are easily persuaded, listed below are a few tips to help you out:

Keep Healthy Food Visible - . In a two-part study from Cornell University, researchers discovered that foods left out on your kitchen countertop were a surprisingly strong indicator of your body mass index (BMI).

Clear Out Your Kitchen - There's no reason to save junk food. Make certain that when you look in the cupboard or refrigerator you're not face-to-face with the enemy.

Use Smaller Dinnerware - Smaller plates let you feel like you're eating a much bigger serving. Managing your weight is often as much about managing the portions you see on your plate.

Clean Up the Kitchen - A recent research study reported participants in a chaotic environment like a messy kitchen ate twice as many cookies as those in a tidy kitchen. So, clean up the mess before you hunt for something to eat.

A lot of food product marketing depends upon our inability to rely on our appetite to control overeating. TV commercials and other less obvious advertising make us crave junk food. Since visual cues can trigger overeating, you have to understand that just the sight of junk food can erode your willpower. Conversely, displaying healthy foods, especially for snacks, can lead to a healthier diet. For more weight loss tips and awesome recipes for healthy snacks, contact the Metabolic Research Center. We've been helping clients eat healthier for more than 25 years.


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