How to Enjoy Eating Right During the Holiday Season

Holiday Family Fun

Eating right during the holiday season is never easy. The abundance of sugary foods, processed foods and alcoholic beverages available at any office party, family get-together or holiday party make it difficult to stick to a healthy eating plan. Following are some tips that will enable one to eat right while still enjoying great food over the holiday season.

Make a Snack Plan

Instead of focusing on avoiding healthy snacks, stock up on healthy snacks you enjoy eating. That way, you will have something to munch on while everyone else is snacking. You may also want to make a very short list of two or three unhealthy snacks that you will allow yourself to eat (in moderation). As the old saying goes, "Failing to plan is planning to fail."

Go Slow

If you find yourself at a buffet, pick a small plate and look over the dishes carefully before selecting what you want to eat. Try to choose non-processed foods and eat slowly while you converse with others.

Don't Keep It

If at all possible, avoid keeping unhealthy foods in the house. If others in your home are not on a healthy eating plan, ask them to keep their snacks in their room rather than in the kitchen.

Focus on Friends and Family

While eating great food is one way to enjoy yourself, it is not the only way to have fun during the holiday season. Focus on spending time with friends and family, doing fun activities with your kids or even getting involved in volunteer work. Make a realistic plan regarding what you will and will not eat and then stick to it but do not make your diet plan the focus of the season. As you focus on other ways to have fun, the fact that you are avoiding foods you really like will not be as difficult as it would be otherwise.


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