Fiber and Your Menu Plan

Chart Showing High Fiber Food Sources


Fiber might plays several roles in the human diet. Most of those roles are a critical part of building a healthy body. In this fiber-or-bust blog, we explore some of those roles and why you should embrace fiber in your meal planning. According to the Mayo Clinic, there are two types of fiber. Those are insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fiber is fiber that does not dissolve in water whereas, soluble fiber does dissolve in water. What is important in those descriptions is this. Soluble fiber makes its way into the blood stream. Insoluble fiber does not. However, both are valuable to our body.

The Role of Soluble Fiber

Soluble fiber helps to absorb free-floating fat that is in our blood. That is dietary fat that we have eaten, digested, and absorbed. In this sense, fiber is helping to rid our body of fat that would either be used as energy by the cells or stored as fat for later use. Without soluble fiber, our body would burn some of the fat that makes its way into the blood stream. The bad part of that deal is that when we supply fuel to our cells, we do not burn stored fat and any excess fat that we do not burn becomes more stored fat. Soluble fiber helps you burn stored fat in around about way.

The Role of Insoluble Fiber

Insoluble fiber never makes it to the bloodstream. It is chewed, swallowed and then passes through the digestive track and discarded as poop. However, between one end and the other, insoluble fiber does a lot of good. One of the key roles of insoluble fiber is that it helps clean our intestines. Another job it does is that it absorbs fats and sugars before they absorb into the bloodstream. In that way, insoluble fiber helps keep free-floating fat out of our bloodstream and from sticking to our waste.

Overall, fiber is very good for anyone who wants to gain health and lose weight. If you are ready to understand how food plays a healthy role in your life, stop by the Metabolic Research Center where you can find tons of information, healthy recipes, and support from people just like yourself. Another benefit of the Metabolic Research Center is their huge bank of menus. There you will find recipes that make it easy to add fiber to your diet.


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