Are Tagines a Healthier Way to Cook?

Tangines on Gas Stove

Tagines are an amazing invention that comes from East African and Morocco. We know them as clay pot cookers, and they work well for cooking the most tender meat and vegetables. They work by convection while they come in a variety of shapes, the true tagines are conical in shape. The healthy benefits found when using a tagine occur in many ways. In this healthy eating blog, we discuss the benefits of cooking with a tagine.

No Fat, No Oils

Whether you use a painted tagine or one that is just terra cotta you do not have to add oil to whatever you are cooking. The convection produced by the design of the pot cooks meat perfectly. Because meat is not usually placed directly on the surface of the tagine, there is no reason to add oil. Most dishes begin by layering the tougher and harder vegetables along the bottom of the pot and then adding the meat to the top of those. The result is tender root vegetables and meat that falls off the bone. A way to make cooking with a tagine even healthier is to use lean cuts of meat.

Improved Flavor so Everyone Loves Dinner

The convection nature of the tagine causes food to become infused with flavors. Add herbs and spices and when the dish has finished cooking, the results are amazing taste and tender, succulent food. There is no reason to add butter, salt, or oil, so the health meter on dinner just improved.

For more information on little tricks like using a tagine, just head over to the Metabolic Research Center where they offer different resources for healthy eating and weight loss. Expect to find wonderful menus, many of which are easy to adapt to a tagine and a whole lot of support in your healthy eating lifestyle.



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