Getting Started With Your Exercise Regimen

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Getting started with an exercise regime (other than seeing one's doctor) is a pretty easy task. Just a few things that people should generally be mindful of, and a few things that overweight individuals should pay special attention to.

First of all, get fitted with good shoes. In an athletic shoe store, they can analyze how you walk, what your particular foot needs for support, and then make the best recommendation for your feet. They also have the expertise to recommend shoes based on what kind of workout you are going to be doing. Taking the time to do this step right can do wonders for preventing foot problems, which tend to stack up for those who are trying to shed unwanted weight.

It is important to wear comfortable, loose clothing. So, watch out for workout clothes that might cause chafing in the leg and groin area. You want to be comfortable. There is never a need for you to look cool. If so, do your workouts somewhere else. If you'll be in the swimming pool and can't find a suit, shorts and a t-shirt generally work fine, and will help you cover up any sensitive parts that might cause you to be self-conscious about your body.

Strength training is great, but for initial weight loss, aerobic exercise should be the main emphasis. That's not to say that you don't want to improve muscle tone.. muscles do burn stored fat. But be smart about your starting point, especially if you're just getting started with a workout regime.

Consider purchasing a monitoring system to track weight, diet, and exercise. There are various programs online or via smart phone. Pedometers are also great boost and can provide daily motivation.

Don't start with high impact exercise. It's a recipe for injury.

Don't compare yourself with others. This is a learning curve for you, yourself, and you, and it isn't fair to yourself to compare yourself to others. Everyone's fitness journey is different.

Don't feel overly self-conscious either.

Above all, cut yourself some slack and don't be impatient for results. Radical changes are rare and not generally healthy, it's the long-term goals that you should focus on. Realistic expectations will help keep you from undermining yourself.

If you just can't find the right place to start, contact the Metabolic Research Center for help. Our staff has been in your shoes and we've been helping clients attain their goals for more than 30 years. Call or stop by today for the personal attention you deserve.


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