Eight Great Stress-Busting Treats

Plate of Asparagus

April is National Stress Awareness Month - a great month if you're looking to lose weight. That's because stress can be a primary factor in weight gain and a bigger belly. It boosts production of cortisol, which can in turn increase your cravings for sugary, high-carb treats. Plus, cortisol triggers an enzyme in fat cells, particularly those in the abdomen. More stress means more belly fat.

So, in the spirit of the observation, here are eight great tasting treats that can help you de-stress and slim down.

  1. Asparagus: It's high in folate, which can help stabilize your mood and reduce depression, anxiety and panic.
  2. Avocados: Speaking of folate, avocados have more than any other fruit. Plus, they're rich in lutein, beta-carotene, vitamin E and glutathione, a substance that blocks intestinal absorption of certain fats that cause oxidative damage.
  3. Berries: All berries, including strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries, are rich in vitamin C, proven to be helpful in combating stress. But blueberries have the highest levels of an antioxidant known as anthocyanin, which has been linked to multiple positive health benefits, including sharper cognition.
  4. Cashews: Low levels of zinc have been linked to anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, our bodies have no way of storing zinc, so it's important that you get a good dose each day - and cashews are a top source of this stress-busting mineral.
  5. Oatmeal: As a complex carbohydrate, oatmeal kicks up your brain's production of serotonin, the feel-good chemical that has antioxidant properties and creates a soothing feeling.
  6. Oranges: A vitamin C powerhouse.
  7. Oysters: An order of six provides more than half the RDA of zinc.
  8. Walnuts: Tufts University researchers found that animals that ate walnuts reversed some signs of brain aging. Plus, walnuts contain alpha-linolenic acid, an essential omega-3 fatty acid, and other polyphenols that have been shown to help prevent memory loss. 

For assistance in developing a full nutrition and exercise plan sure to help you lose weight and de-stress, call 800-501-8090 and ask for your nearest Metabolic Research Center.


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