How to Get Started Losing Weight

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Summer might not seem the ideal time to start a weight loss program. Vacations tend to mix up your schedule and the odds are high you'll be presented with an array of yummy and different foods. Not to mention that exercising in the heat leaves you dripping or drowning in sweat. There are, however, some advantages to dieting during summer and into fall when it's still warm.

Back in the days when humans were hunter-gathers, food was scarce, and making sure you ate enough during the colder months was a beneficial evolutionary trait. Research indicates that you have a stronger urge to eat in winter. During the seasons when food is readily available (like summer and fall — think harvest season), people are less inclined to overeat.

Sunlight and longer days also help suppress cravings; seasonal affective disorder (SAD) occurs in the dark, short days of winter; it's often accompanied by cravings, especially for carbs. When the weather's warmer, you drink more water, which helps fight hunger and wash out the substances your body has broken down from fat. And, most people are more active in summer and fall than in winter.

Late summer and early fall means the farmer's markets are loaded with healthy, great-tasting produce like tomatoes, as well as the early apples and other fall fruits. In addition to being chock-full of nutrients, these foods have lots of fiber, which helps fill you up. Cook a stew in the crock-pot; just put it somewhere outside, which means you get a nice meal and keep the kitchen cool.

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