Why Fad Diets Are Bad to the Bone



The temptation to stress your body by extreme dieting and other unhealthy choices is great. People want to lose weight and they want to lose it NOW. The problem is that many fad diets not only aren't effective, they are harmful — and they can result in more weight gain later on!

How Diets Can Hurt Your Bones

Bone loss is something many people don't think about until it happens to them. Bone loss results in breakage and other health issues, and can shorten lifespan and reduce quality of life. Bone loss begins to occur after age 35, but it is something that can be slowed and prevented.

One way to do this is through a healthy diet. Starving yourself or eating commercial diet foods that are unhealthy can result in stress that causes muscle wasting, bone loss and ultimately results in increased fat storage. Not what you had in mind!

By exercising and consuming enough high-quality calories on a regular basis, you will help ensure that your bones stay healthy now and into the future. It's not just about calcium. It's also important to consume enough protein, magnesium, phosphorous and vitamin K. Eating lots of green, leafy veggies, nuts, seeds and lean protein will go a long way toward protecting your health and your bones.

Don't give in to the temptation to starve yourself. You may be risking your bone health and compromising your immune system. Losing muscle and bone will not give you the body you are hoping for, it will do just the opposite.

For more information about how diet and exercise can improve your health and help you lose excess weight, contact Metabolic Research Center. They can create a custom plan that will give you the results you have been looking for.


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