Which Cooking Oils Are The Best?

Bottles of Cooking Oils

Too much oil consumption will lead to weight gain no matter what type of oil you use. However, it is important to be aware that some oils contain more saturated fats than others. Following is a brief overview of the top five healthiest cooking oils on the market:

Canola Oil - Canola oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Its saturated fat content is a mere 7%, making it the healthiest oil for human consumption.

Sunflower Oil - Sunflower oil only has a 10% saturated fat content and is rich in Omega 6. It can easily be used for a variety of dishes and is inexpensive.

Olive Oil - Olive oil has a 13% saturated fat rate, is good for cholesterol and is rich in Vitamin E. It can be used for cooking, baking and salad dressings.

Peanut Oil - Peanut oil tastes great with Chinese foods but can be used for other types of cooking as well. It has a 16% saturated fat rate and is rigorously refined to ensure that it is safe even for people who are allergic to peanuts.

Cottonseed Oil - Cottonseed oil is not expensive and is found in commercial salad dressings, processed foods and even Crisco shortening. It has a 25% saturated fat rate. It is certainly not ideal but is better than vegetable oils and animal based oils.

Vegetable Oils - Vegetable oils are inexpensive and readily available; however, you will probably want to avoid these oils if you are trying to lose weight. Vegetable oils usually consist of a blend of different types of oils, making it impossible to know just how much saturated fat the oil contains.

It is wise to avoid eating too many oily foods if you want to shed pounds. However, you can use oil when cooking or preparing a salad dressing if you choose a healthy oil type and use it in moderation.


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