Set Healthy-Eating Trends This Halloween

Halloween Jack-o-Laterns

Americans purchase an estimated 600 million pounds of candy for Halloween alone and sales continue to rise by up to 3% every year. The average person eats up to 3.4 pounds of candy around this time, while kids eat up to 7,000 calories on this day alone. Only 5% of all households in the United States do not buy candy, while the average household spends $47.00 on candy for Halloween.

Given these trends, it is not hard to see why Halloween is a challenging time for those who want to stick to a healthy eating plan. Thankfully, it is possible to eat healthy even when everyone around you is gorging themselves on junk food.

To start with, eat a healthy meal before heading out to a Halloween party. Drink water, a Seltzer or other healthy drink as you mingle with guests. Offering to bring something to the party is also a good idea, as you can prepare a healthy snack you can enjoy in moderation.

Avoid the temptation to over-indulge on Halloween candy by either purchasing candy you do not like or buying another Halloween treat instead. Many stores sell cheap Halloween toys in bulk such as Halloween stickers, glow in the dark bracelets and jewelry. Giving out something other than candy will not only help you stick to your dietary commitments but also help kids in your neighborhood avoid the health hazards that come along with eating too much junk food at an early age.

While eating tons of candy on Halloween is certainly a national trend, it is possible to buck this trend, stand out from the norm and still enjoy celebrating Halloween. Personalize the above tips, see what works for you and be willing to stand out from the crowd and stick to a healthy eating plan on Halloween.


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