Good Health Is A Learning Process

Chalkboard for Building New Habits

The first step of a "growth mindset" is giving oneself the space to learn. Fitness and a healthier lifestyle is a learning process, and warm-ups, stretches, fitness routines that are perfect for you, don't just magically appear in your brain. Nor does the ability to make a beautiful Mediterranean entree, but once you learn how, you can be eating healthy in about 15 minutes.  So be kind to yourself, and give yourself the space to learn about your body and mind. That way, you will be well on your way to restoring your good health.

There are five categories of skills needed for installing any new fitness program:  knowledge, mindfulness, self-compassion, humility, and habit building. 

Knowledge is the actual book learning behind the training and nutrition necessary for a good fitness regime.  It means that there is evidence and logic behind the process, and that the planning can be done from an educated perspective. Knowledge can be as basic as understanding what a calorie is, or knowing enough of the biochemistry of the body to manipulate it better.  These things can be learned through credible websites, fitness trainers, and nutritionists, to name a few. 

Mindfulness is essentially self awareness.  It can be as simple as looking inward when there is a slip-up, understanding what caused that binge on chocolate cake that happened last night.  Self-analysis of "cause and effect" relationships can help you prevent making future mistakes by understanding your own patterns of unwanted behavior.

Self compassion is absolutely necessary. The self-hate, guilt, and self loathing that is such a common result of eating wrong while on a diet (or skipping the gym) has no purpose in your fitness regime.  It is unbelievably destructive, and un-necessary.  Instead, cut yourself a little slack and be sincere about learning from the mistake and then let it go.

Humility is simply the ability to acknowledge that you might be wrong about something. It is an enormously complex subject, but it allows people to learn, particularly when what they think they know has been challenged.

Discipline and habit building don't take a lot of explaining.  They take a lot of practice.  So, good luck and should you need help, contact the Metabolic Research Center to talk to someone who has been in your shoes. We've been helping people restore their good health and wellness for more than three decades. Our staff is always ready to provide the knowledge, support and encouragement needed to celebrate your new found success.


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