Product Marketing - It Is not as Straightforward as It Seems

Woman Puzzled By Product Marketing

We can go to the grocery store and try to buy healthy foods and still fail because the labeling and marketing on products can be misleading. For example, take the word "organic." One would think that a product that is labeled organic would be, well, organic. Not the case. An organic product can be made with ingredients that are not organic. To be truly organic the product must say 100 percent organic. That kind of dishonesty is difficult to recognize for many consumers. It gets worse too.

What about Other Marketing Words?

Free, light, lite, reduced, less and a whole slew of other terms are slapped on products. What do they mean? What about zero, no, without, or those wiggle phrases — Trivial Source? We have not even gotten into the products that have the word low, trace, reduced, or very low.

To hone up on what those words mean the FDA produces this handy guide.

Is there a difference between light and lite? The FDA says they are both the same and that a product that is labeled with either must contain at least a 50 percent reduction in calories from fat. If the product says light salt then it has to contain 50 percent or less sodium.

Even with clarification, a product that is labeled light may contain less calories from fat, but without reading the label that reduced fat product may still be unhealthy. The key to looking at ingredients is to also consider serving size, and your caloric intake goal. Eating healthy is not just about choosing foods labeled as healthy, but also, it is about choosing the right portion.

If you would like to learn more about hot to conquer a healthy lifestyle start by reading labels. You can also visit the Metabolic Research Center where you can find good information about healthy food choices, label data, portion size, and support aimed at helping you succeed at gaining health.


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