Is Seaweed the New Kale?

Eatable Red Dulse Seaweed

Now this is why you send your kids to college. Researchers from Oregon State University may have accidentally discovered a super veggie that tastes like bacon and is healthier than kale. In fact, the University has patented a sustainable strain of dulse seaweed that should likely be the next addition to your menu plan. This type of kelp is a large seaweed that belongs to the brown algae family and is full of healthy nutrients. Already a staple in Asian cuisine, kelp forest are cultivated and grow in the shallows of cooler ocean waters. Also known as sea lettuce flakes for its overall appearance, red dulse may have twice the nutritional value of kale.

Sustainable Source of Red Dulse

So where has this seaweed been hiding? There's really nothing new about the marine plant. In Scandinavian countries, red dulse has been harvested and consumed for centuries. Unfortunately, the high market price of the tasty algae meant it wasn't a superfood for the average Joe. What has caused the most recent stir is the fact that researchers at OSU have developed an affordable method of growing this strain of kelp. In the proper agricultural setting, the University's patented techniques allow for rapid growth. Healthy plants can double their weight every ten days. An incredible discovery for a marine plant that only requires saltwater and sunshine to grow.

Affordable Bacon-Flavored Seaweed Snack

OSU researchers were originally seeking a way to grow red dulse faster to feed to the abalone that was studied at the University. In addition to its bacon-like flavor, the reddish-color sea vegetable is a sustainable source of essential vitamins, minerals, protein and roughage. In fact, the environmental impact is quite low as no fertilizers are needed. Most often, red dulse is sun-dried to preserve its natural nutrients and eaten as a healthy snack food. The tasty marine vegetable is available online and is becoming a popular addition to salads and soups.


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