Four Ways to Identify a Food Product with a High Fat Content

Fat Section of FDA Food Label

While the FDA food nutrition label provides good information regarding fat content in food, some of these labels can be misleading. Ask yourself the following questions to determine if the food you want to buy has a high fat content and should therefore be avoided.

Is it High in Fat?

How many calories in the food product come from fat? If, for instance, there are 100 calories per serving but 70 of these calories come from fat, you will probably want to avoid the food altogether, as it clearly has a high fat content. As a rule of thumb, try to only buy a food if less than 50% of its calorie make-up is fat-based.

What is the Serving Size?

Some manufacturers list extremely small serving sizes in the hope that consumers will not realize just how fattening the product is. Always check the serving size and consider how many servings you will eat in one sitting.

How Much Does the Fat Weigh?

The FDA requires that all ingredients be listed by weight. Look at the weight percentages found on the product label to ensure that fatty ingredients do not make up a large percentage of the food's weight.

What are the Ingredients?

Finally, be sure to read the ingredient list before buying any food item. Look out for multiple sources of fat and sugar. Fatty ingredients to watch out for include cream, butter, whole milk, cheese and oil. Sugar in all forms contributes to weight gain and some of the many forms of sugar you will want to watch out for include dextrose, high fructose corn syrup, sucrose and rice syrup.

If you want to lose weight, take a few minutes to read product labels before buying food. Doing so will help you consistently eat right and reach your weight loss goals.


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