Are You Getting What You Need from Foods You Eat?

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Perhaps you have witnessed the signs of a person who is malnourished. However, symptoms of nutritional deficiency are not always that obvious. Furthermore, the foods you eat might not be an issue but rather how and when you eat them that could cause a problem for you.

The most obvious sign of malnutrition is extreme weight loss. In a person like this, the bones of a body might be visible through the skin, and the person’s muscles might have deteriorated. However, most people including yourself might have never experienced this extreme case of malnutrition.

However, if you have ever feel chronically sluggish, dizzy or irritable; you might be malnourished. You also might be if you feel weak, breathless, have dry skin, be anemic, or have muscle and joint pain. Other symptoms might apply that are not mentioned here. If some of these minor to moderate symptoms seem familiar to you, it might be time to make some changes in your meal plans.

For instance, you might not realize that certain foods eaten together help you absorb more nutrients into the body. This is why food pairs such as hummus and carrots, yogurt and bananas, or eggs and cheese are recommended. A few more helpful combinations include strawberries and spinach, vitamin D milk and bran flakes, or avocados and salsa. The other fortunate part about these food pairs is they typically seem to taste suburb together.

On the other hand, the above-mentioned food pairs examples might not appeal to you at all. Therefore, you might have to explore more ideas that suit your preference and nutritional needs. In the meantime, you might just want to eat as many of varieties of foods from all four food groups as you can.


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