Plant-Based Milk Alternatives

Milk Alternatives

There are many reasons why people may choose to move away from cow's milk. Lactose intolerance, veganism, a desire for something more nutritious, weight loss, etc. No matter what your reason, there are a variety of plant-based milks available that you can substitute for cow's milk.  Even if you don't want to drink these milk substitutes, they are great to put in your coffee, to use for smoothies, to bake with or use in soups, sauces and other dishes that require milk. Here are some choices to get you started:

Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is rich in protein, medium-chain fatty acids, electrolytes and a variety of other nutrients. Coconut milk is somewhat high in fat and calories, but interestingly, it is shown to reduce levels of unhealthy cholesterol and it also benefits the immune system. Coconut milk is ideal for drinking, cereal, baking and cooking. It has a slightly sweet flavor and you can use full fat (very thick) for some things and a strained, lower fat (more watery) for others.

Cashew Milk

Rich and creamy, cashew milk is great in many dishes, coffee and for drinking. It doesn't have as much protein as cow's milk, but is delicious and versatile.

Hemp Milk

Hemp milk is high in protein and fats, and provides a full daily recommended allowance of omega 3 fatty acids. It has a strong flavor, however, and may be an acquired taste.

Soy Milk

Rich in nutrients, protein and fiber, soy milk is often the go to for people looking for a milk alternative. Soy milk is great for drinking, cereal, baking etc.

There are plenty of other choices, as well: Almond milk, rice milk and more. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to cow's milk, experiment to find the substitute that works for you.

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