Why Some Companies Embrace Sleeping On the Job

Businessman Napping at His Desk

Trying to be productive at work while you are tired is like trying to paddle a boat upstream. The harder you try, the less productive you are. Successful companies have gotten where they are by keeping their employees healthy and happy. When a co-worker is tired or overworked, their productivity drops. Allow them to take a nap during the day and they will end up coming back to their desk refreshed and geared up to take on whatever task you put in front of them. A few minutes of down time in exchange for hours of productivity is well worth the trade.

Power Napping At Its Best

When a person is feeling fatigued, a short, power nap is all they need to fell refreshed. Napping for approximately 15 minutes, give or take a few, will help refresh the mind and give the body the boost it needs to get through the rest of day. Sleeping longer than that without reaching a deep sleep will take away energy and make it more difficult to function. To reach a deep sleep, the body needs approximately 60 minutes of uninterrupted sleep. While this may seem excessive in the work place it can dramatically improve brain function and give the person the ability to work longer hours if needed.

Fatigue and Its Effect on Productivity

When a person is tired, they have a much harder time concentrating. Staying focus is a must if productivity is the goal. Being overly tired or drowsy can lead to simple mistakes that would not have been made if the person was alert and fully aware of what they were doing. This is one of the biggest reasons, companies like Apple take pride in allowing their workers to nap on the job. A little time spent sleeping results in extra time coming up with big ideas.


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