Which Type of Salt is the Healthiest?


While most people are only familiar with table salt, there are in fact many different types of salt to pick from and some are actually healthier than others. Following is a brief overview of your options to enable you to pick the right type or types of salt for you personally.

Table Salt

A lot of processing goes into the creation of table salt, which means that it is not all that healthy. However, it is iodized and iodine is a vital nutrient you won't want to skip out on. What is more, table salt's fine texture makes it the only type of salt you can add to cake, cookie and biscuit recipes.


Sea Salt

Sea Salt has an abundance of trace minerals and elements. It also has less sodium than table salt. However, the grains are large and don't dissolve easily so you will probably only be able to use it for soup and certain other savory dishes.

Himalayan Salt

As the name implies, this type of salt comes from the Himalayan mountain region and is considered to be the purest type of salt available today. Like sea salt, it has a lower sodium content than table salt and also contains literally dozens of trace minerals. However, the minerals are only present in very small quantities and will not make a significant difference to your health.

If you enjoy salt's flavor and want to keep your sodium intake to a minimum, consider trying out other types of salt in your cooking. At the same time, be aware that all types of salt contain sodium so you will want to keep your salt intake to a minimum. Use other types of spices such as oregano, coriander, turmeric, cinnamon, basil, bay leaves, cloves and curry powder to flavor your dishes so you can enjoy tasty food without compromising your health.


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