Comfort Foods Don't Cure Stress

Woman Looking at Comfort Food in Refrigerator

Foods and drinks can affect hormone levels in the body. Foods rich in melatonin, for instance, make you feel relaxed and help you get a good night's sleep. Carbohydrates provide energy, enabling you to work and exercise without feeling tired and lethargic. Eating junk food can make you feel relaxed and temporarily reduce stress.

At the same time, it is important to note that stress, depression and anxiety cannot be cured by eating certain foods. Eating sugar snacks will make you feel relaxed temporarily but they do not provide lasting relief. What is more, sugar can cause long-term stress as your body craves a sweet snack every time you start to feel stressed. Eating too much junk food can also lead to unwanted weight gain and serious health problems such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

If you want to lower stress levels permanently, you have to maintain healthy lifestyle habits. Eating right, getting enough sleep at night and taking time to exercise at least several times a week will not only lower stress levels but also help keep stress at bay. A healthy breakfast every morning is a must, as breakfast kick starts the metabolism and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Eating small, healthy meals throughout the day enables you digest your food easily and can help you avoid eating unhealthy snacks as you work or study.

Reaching for unhealthy foods every time you feel stressed is a bad habit that can have serious consequences. Thankfully, you can train yourself to eat healthy foods at the right time in order to lower stress levels or even keep yourself from becoming stressed out in the first place. A healthy diet will provide the energy you need to face the day while keeping negative emotions at bay.


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