Meal Planning Does Not Have To Be So Hard

Steak on Bed of Arugula

It may seem as if the perpetual adding of additional tasks to your life will never cease. But, adding things like cooking and menu planning to a daily regime can be worth the effort.  Truth is, as it becomes habitual, it will save time, money, and likely trips to the physician, for the whole family.  Did you know that most meals-per-person for a family of four costs about the same as a single trip to the vending machine at work? 

Processed foods, fast food, restaurant meals and cheap convenience all comes at a considerable cost, and contributes to an unhealthy lifestyle as well.  Breakfast is often an unhealthy culprit for the busy commuter.  A quick breakfast at a fast food drive through or convenience store is rife with fat and carbohydrates, and lacking in nutritional value. 

Ever skip lunch because it just wasn't in the schedule?  Skipping meals is not a good thing for healthy eating or the metabolism.  Most lunches that are available in an hour are not good and fresh choices.  Take some of that time back and make a fresh, healthy and tasty lunch. 

Have you ever stopped to analyze that for the cost of that greasy cheeseburger combo, one could be eating a 6 oz filet mignon over a bed of arugula, with a tomato vinaigrette salad?  Did you know that it takes 12 minutes to cook a 6 oz filet, toss it on some arugula, and toss some tomato with some dressing?  Or that it takes the average person less than 15 minutes to actually eat lunch?  So unless you are eating out for social reasons, grabbing a fast food lunch is not all that fast, and it's not healthy food.

If your schedule demands too much of your time to prepare always prepare a proper meal, call the Metabolic Research. We have protein drinks, shakes and snacks that were developed to provide important nutrients when you don't have time to fix a meal. Plus, we can determine which supplements your body needs for improved health and wellness. 


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