Ethnic Foods Make Balancing Nutrition Easier

Moroccan Cuisine

Ethnic foods, particularly those from the Mediterranean, can offer a wide variety of incredibly delicious and flavorful options for not only entrees, but condiments and methods that can enhance the normal everyday diet. 

Research in the region has shown that the diet rich in fresh vegetables, olive oil, and red wine are both conducive to a healthy weight and heart healthy as well.  The rich history of the Mediterranean means that there is a huge cultural exchange that has occurred over millennia, and due to the number of influences, nearly infinite variety.  While Italian American food tends to be white flour heavy and full of saturated fats in the form of sausage and mozzarella cheese, true Italian cuisine is an epic blending of Asian, European, and Mediterranean influences that incorporate beautiful fresh foods in dishes with inspired flavor combinations. 

Tuscany is renowned for its inspiring food, and has been noted for the presence of fresh vegetables even since medieval times, when such things were not necessary popular among the aristocracy.  Florentine green beans, for example, are served in an antioxidant rich tomato sauce which is seasoned with anise seed.  The combination, whilst being outside of the box for most Americans, is both satisfying and enthralling, despite being a very simple dish to prepare. 

Middle Eastern cuisine offers a great way to change how protein and vegetable matter make it into the diet, by making use of bulgur wheat, a whole grain, chickpeas and chickpea flour, and a wide selection of spice combinations in ways that the average cook doesn't usually think of.  Hummus in particular is a healthful substance made of chickpeas, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice, that adds a creamy richness that is packed with flavor and protein.  It is delicious as a dip with fresh vegetables, and is a great addition in place of mayonnaise to a sandwich.


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