Turn Up the Heat to Lose Abdominal Fat

Flaming PepperPerhaps you already follow a strict diet and do exercise as often as you should, and you still cannot lose weight. Otherwise, maybe you do shed unwanted pounds but not as fast as you hoped. If so, spicy foods might give you the metabolism boost you need.

Capsaicin, the ingredient that makes hot peppers spicy, can boost your metabolism rate by 8 percent. The amount of this spicy nutrient usually is present in a bowl of chili, a serving of chips and salsa, or a spicy bean burrito for example. This might not seem like a significant amount for weight reduction, but eating other spices such as black pepper and ginger interchangeably could also help. The idea is to mix up the kinds of spices you use while incorporating capsaicin and other spicy agents into your diet.

Jalapeños and chili, cayenne, tobasco, bell and habanero peppers all have this substance in it. Likewise, curry, paprika and naga vipers all have capsaicin in them. Malagueta and Thai peppers are yet more hot foods than have this spicy nutrient in them. You might want to experiment with some of the milder ones such as the bells, chilis, jalapeños or paprikas before moving on to the hotter ones if you are a pepper novice.

It is best to balance your spicy foods with meat or other mild menu items. This will help offset the effect of the capsaicin on your digestive system. Just as with any other food you consume, hot spices are meant to be eaten in moderation to avoid complications such as ulcers or heartburn.


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