Smaller Portion Sizes to Control Your Eating

Small Plates of Food

Do you want to "super-size it"? We’ve all heard that line, and in our super-sizing culture, it’s easy to bring that super-size mindset home with you. Most people don’t even realize how much they’re eating until they make a conscious effort to measure what they normally consume.

Are you ready to start eating the right portion sizes? Here are a few tips that can help you change a super-size mentality.

Tip #1 – Start by Measuring

Start by using measuring cups and a kitchen scale to measure out your portions for a couple weeks. It will help you have a good frame of reference for portion sizes. After measuring correct portion sizes, you’ll be able to accurately eye your portions in the future.

Tip #2 – Go Smaller

Reduce the amount of food you can put on your plate by going with smaller plates. You can also use smaller cups to downsize beverage portions. This also tricks your brain into thinking you’re eating and drinking more.

Tip #3 – Only Eat Half Your Restaurant Meal

Restaurants are known for their huge portion sizes. Enjoy your favorite restaurant meal, but only eat half of it. Split the meal with a friend or ask for half of the meal to be put in a doggie bag, even before the meal makes it to your table.

Tip #4 – Portion Out Snacks

Most snacks come in bags that offer multiple servings. It’s easy to grab a snack and down the whole thing without thinking about how much you just ate. Avoid accidentally eating multiple servings by portioning out snacks into single serving bags ahead of time.

Tip #5 – Store Leftovers in Single Servings

When you put away leftovers, store them in single servings. This makes it super easy to grab a meal to reheat, and you won’t accidentally overeat. That also means you want be tempted to eat food under a disguise that you're keeping it from going to waste.

Portion control is one of the most important secrets to effective weight loss. You don’t need to deprive yourself, or cut out entire food groups, or go on a diet that severely restricts calories. However, you do need to get your portions under control. Healthy foods and smaller portion sizes can help you achieve the weight loss goals you've targeted.



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