Tips for Growing Edibles in Container Gardens

Father and Daughter Vegetable Garden

Living in the city or in an apartment doesn’t mean you need to throw out your gardening and fresh produce passion! There are still plenty of ways to grow your own vegetables right on a deck or patio. While many people plant gardens in their yards, you’ll find that growing edibles in containers is just as possible. Finding good organic food in the market for a decent price can be a struggle, so growing your own is a great way to go! Here are a couple tips for setting up your first container garden.

Choose Your Crop- First you’ll want to decide what vegetables you’ll actually add into your menu. If it’s something you like to eat on a regular basis, it’s a good place to start. But there are also optimal seasons throughout the year for growing different vegetables. For instance plants like spinach and lettuce do well in spring, while beans, cucumbers and tomatoes do better in warmer weather. Choose a vegetable you love that also fits the season you’re planting in.

Choose Your Container- People joke about not having a green thumb, but it actually may be that they don’t pay attention to important little details. The smaller the container the quicker the soil will dry out, so choose containers as big as possible for the space available. Make sure your soil is good for potted plants, not packed heavily like soil you’d get from your yard. And finally, consider drip-irrigation or soaker hoses to ensure your plants are properly and consistently irrigated.

With these tips you’ll be well on your way to the perfect little container garden, and a wonderful crop that you can enjoy meals from time after time. For more information about healthy eating and weight loss, visit a metabolic research center for a free consultation.


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