Home Vegetable Gardens In Small Areas

Mother and Son in Home Garden

People who have small lawns or patios do not have to give up there love of gardening. Anyone who enjoys fresh produce and is willing to put a little effort into a maintaining a small garden can succeed at producing many of their favorite vegetables. Even though space is limited, there are several ways to create a sufficient amount of space to produce even the most stubborn garden plants.

Hanging planters or box planters attached to the wall can also be used for a variety of vegetables. While hanging planters may work better for green beans and peas, wall boxes can be used for root vegetables if they are deep enough. They make ideal planters for herbs and spices as well. Wall boxes can be staggered with smaller ones being placed at the top and larger ones placed along the ground to create more space.

Tiered boxes and planters allow for the maximum use of any outdoor space. Shaped like a large pyramid, a watering system can be placed in the center so the garden can be watered just by turning on the hose. Smaller plants are normally placed in the top sections, with medium plants in the middle and running plants like watermelon, pumpkin and other types of squash at the bottom. Another version of the tier does not use boxes, but instead relies on the plants. Corn in the middle, beans and then tomatoes create their own support system and are used for dishes like succotash at seasons' end.

Flower pots are ideal for herbs and smaller vegetables like radishes and baby onions. Larger flower pots can be used for tomatoes, green beans, peppers and other "bush" type plants. A stake can be inserted in the soil to help support the weight of the plant and rocks can be put in the bottom of the planter to prevent the pot from tipping as the plant grows.



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