Trying to Keep an Eye on What You Eat?

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Mother Nature has a way of letting us know what we should be eating. Most often the nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables are reflected in the color of skin as well as the color of the meat. So if you are consuming large quantities of brown, beige, or white, your body is probably not getting everything it needs to support and maintain good health and wellness.

How to Eat Well By Color

The next time you head to your favorite grocery store or farmer's market let Nature's palette of colors help you fill your basket with fruits and vegetables, including:

Greens - These colors are found in cruciferous vegetables like kale, brussels sprouts, cabbage and cauliflower (technically not green), and help eliminate toxins from the body to prevent certain forms of cancer.

Leafy Greens and Yellows - These colors are found in lettuces, turnip greens, collards, chard, corn, wax beans, butternut squash and arugula, and are a good source of lutein that helps to protect against certain eye disorders.

Orange - Variations of this color is found in oranges, mangos, pumpkins, sweet potatoes, carrots, cantaloupe and papaya, and carotene that converts to vitamin A, and promotes healthy bones, eyes and immune system.

Red - This distinct color is found in tomatoes, watermelons, red peppers and guava, and contain lycopene that may help protect against prostate and breast cancers.

Blue, Purple and Deep Red - These colors are found in blueberries, plums, cranberries, eggplant, grapes, strawberries and raspberries, and are full of anthocyanins, proanthocyanins and antioxidants that are heart healthy and promote optimal brain function.

Americans' fondness for foods lacking color may be a major contributor to many physical disorders, obesity and other life-threatening conditions that have been on a rise in recent years. To reverse your bad diet, take advantage of Nature's clever way of highlighting the different nutrients and eat real foods that can help restore your health and wellness.


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