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MRC provides a variety of programs and weight loss options that are tailored uniquely to you and your goals. The best way to learn more about how MRC can work for you is to connect with a Weight Loss Specialist.

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  • Please fill out this quick and simple form with your information. We take a personalized approach to weight loss; customizing your program and making it unique to what will work best for you!

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  • A Weight Loss Specialist who works at an office near you and/or with clients in your area will reach out to you to schedule a free consultation. We have over 100 MRC locations nationwide where we work with clients in-person. We also offer our services virtually to clients across all parts of the US.

The Consultation

  • The consultation is our way to learn about you (and for you to learn about us). There is no cost.
  • We'll take a deep dive into your goals, health and hormones, previous dieting history, current lifestyle, and more. Using that information, we'll put together a detailed program and plan that's right for you!

Next Steps

  • You'll leave your consultation with your first weight loss menu and clear instructions on how to get started today with foods you already have at home (no emergency grocery trip necessary).
  • You'll be granted access to our MRC Client Portal filled with resources for moving through each stage of your program successfully.
  • You'll enjoy real foods that you can prepare at home or eat out in restaurants. All of the foods featured on your menus can be found in your local grocery store. There are no complicated mathematics or guesswork required; just simple portion size measurment.
  • Our people make the difference! Your coach will support you through every step of your journey; celebrating every victory and providing the motivation, encouragement, and strategies that enable our clients to successfully achieve every milestone and keep their lost weight off for good! Your weigh-ins and coaching are an unlimited resource and part of your program (there's never an extra charge).


All MRC menus feature real foods that can be prepared at home or ordered out from restaurants. There are no pre-packaged meals or liquid diets. With so many choices on your program, the entire family can enjoy the same meal. Develop healthy, long-term habits with generous and nutritious portions - no calorie-counting.


Each week, you'll meet virtually with a professional MRC Weight Loss Coach who's equipped to help you reach your goals. Together you'll celebrate success, troubleshoot problem areas, create a game plan for the next week, and more. Our coaches are the key to success, and they'll be with you every step of the way.


Your menu and plan is as unique as you. Every program is designed to fit your goals, health, previous dieting history, current lifestyle, and more. We have programs that work safely with a variety of medical conditions & medications. Your personal information is kept confidential.


In addition to your dedicated MRC Coach, you'll be granted access to numerous resources to help you on your journey: instructional videos, recipes, blogs, tips, and more. You'll also be invited to join an exclusive community of MRC clients and coaches where you can share your story or follow and celebrate others.



MRC has hands down changed my life! I thought I couldn't afford something like this until I went in for my free consultation. They worked with me and my "single mom" budget! In just 3 months, I've lost 63 pounds. I've also realized that I'm actually saving money on my groceries, saving money on my doctor visits, and it's certainly less expensive than a heart attack!


I started at MRC of Melbourne in March 2021 with Coach Monica. I have lost 34 pounds and I feel great. MRC offers a range of options for weight loss. And while there are supplements and injections, I opted for a program that is diet based, using a simple meal plan, along with protein drinks and soups. I make an effort to walk every day and I have hip issues. I am 61 and of course, post menopause which makes it difficult for some women to lose weight. I struggled during COVID (sitting all day working from home). I saw a post on Facebook where a friend had lost her first 10 pounds at MRC and I inquired about the program. I am well on my way to an even healthier life for me, my family and grandkids. My Coaches, Denise and Monica, are very friendly and supportive. They are good listeners and know their business. I found my first visit to be no pressure and selected the program most suited to me and my health. I feel WONDERFUL. Something to think about - A year from now you may regret what you didn't start today! Go for it!


In addition to losing 45 pounds, I have been able to hold my goal weight for the last 9 months on the Maintenance plan. The staff is amazing, and I love working with them!


I have tried numerous plans in the past where I've spent lots of money and failed time and time again. MRC makes everything so simple. I am so thankful I've finally found the right answers with this center. The support is huge!

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