Video: MRC Employees, Losing Weight Transformed Our Lives.

At Metabolic Research Center, many of our consultants were once clients. We understand what it takes to lose weight not only because we are trained weight loss specialist, but because many of us have lived it. We have been where you are, we have walked in your shoes, and we intimately understand the challenges you go through on a daily basis to stay on track and stick to your plan. Our experts will help you succeed, because many of us have done it too, and we know what it takes to overcome the hurdles you will encounter in your weight loss journey.

When you view of our teams’ success stories, you will feel the emotion that comes through as they discuss how MRC’s program has literally changed their lives. Not only do they feel better about themselves, they also talk about the increased energy levels and ability to enjoy life, do more with family and friends and just be the vibrant people they have always wanted to be. All this is made possible in a matter of just a few months (or less) with Metabolic’s life-transforming program.

MRC is different from most of the big name programs you may have heard of or even tried in the past. There are no pre-packaged foods with ingredients you know you probably shouldn’t be eating. With us, you will be preparing most of your meals using healthy foods and done right in your own kitchen. In fact, we customize a program that is ‘just right’ for each individual to meet his/her weight loss goals. And we don’t leave you hanging after you get started on the program. Our local centers are there to provide encouragement, support and to keep you accountable. Give Metabolic Research Center a call– it will change your life.



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Kind, friendly, and amazing staff. They always brighten my day when I go. Very happy with the meal plan, vitamins, and classes.

— Tiffany Pacino

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