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Searching for fad diets? Best Tips for Losing Weight in 2015

Blog Image: Searching for fad diets? Best Tips for Losing Weight in 2015

If you're looking for the latest "fad diet", then you may already be struggling with your New Year's resolution. After all, January is an unusual month and it always seems like there should be at least a two-week grace period to recover from the Holidays. But year after year, we get excited (even energized) over the idea of this year being better than the last. Unfortunately, by February most of us are struggling to hang on or may have completely abandoned our resolutions.

So.. why do people pick January to turn their life around when the failure rate is always so high?

Some historians believe the idea of New Year's resolutions date back to Babylonian times and was spread throughout Europe by Julius Caesar. Before the rise of Christianity, the Roman Emperor encouraged his troops to make morality-based resolutions to seek forgiveness from their enemies by honoring the mythical god Janus. If you've forgotten your Roman mythology, Janus had two faces. With one face he saw back into the year that had past and with the other he gazed into the future to see what lay ahead.

Fundamental Steps to Weight Loss Success

If you are one of the millions who chose losing weight and living healthier as your New Year's resolution, then there's good news. Setting a goal in January is never a waste of time. Research shows that you boost your odds by establishing measurable goals and writing them down. What you may be missing are the fundamental steps you need to focus your energies. To lose weight, here are three important tips:

  1. Attitude - Start your weight loss program with a positive attitude and learn to ignore all those negative comments from friends and family members who have likely already abandoned their resolutions.
  2. Food - Educate yourself about what you should be eating. Food manufacturers' marketing campaigns provide tons of misleading information. Foods that are healthy to eat will always be good for your weight loss program and vice versa.
  3. Support - This doesn't mean an affirmative pat on the back from your best friend. You need nutritional guidance and encouragement to make a healthy transformation from where you are "at" to where you want to "be". Look to the pros for help.

Deciding to make a resolution for the New Year is a good thing. After all the hardest target to hit is one that isn't there. But.. don't ignore the value of professional assistance. Chances are, you're not a nutritionist or certified dietician, so rather than go it alone this year, contact someone who has been in your shoes and understands how to celebrate success rather than accept another failed resolution.

To learn more, contact us directly or stop by the Metabolic Research Center nearest you.


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