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Celebrate Weight Loss!

Blog Image: Celebrate Weight Loss!

Boards, boards, poster boards!  Ever wonder why they’re hanging in every Metabolic Research Center? These, are but one of the many ways we acknowledge and celebrate our Clients! Referred to as “Milestone Boards”, we deck our halls and walls with them because each signature represents one very amazing client and an advancement toward their goal! It boasts not only of their weight loss, but of their dedication and determination, and their commitment to becoming a healthier, happier and more energetic version of themselves. These client signatures embody our cause and are the very reason Metabolic Research Centers celebrate you!

Succeeding at something so worthwhile takes a bit of grit - especially when you’re just getting started! The simple fact is that change isn’t always easy!  But, saying “no thank you” to your coworkers birthday cake or a calorie-laden beverage, or when you take the time to prepare some of your meals in advance, you’re owning your outcome and your success...and that’s worth celebrating! Not only do Milestone Boards memorialize the awesome efforts of our clients, but they encourage others who are on weight loss journeys of their own!

Blog Image: Celebrate Weight Loss!Research tells us that setting mini-goals (or milestones) will outline the path you’ve set to follow like a roadmap! Instead of saying "I need to lose 50 pounds" (which can be overwhelming for someone just starting their journey), say, “I’m going to sign my 10-pound milestone board next week!" and honor that first stop on your journey! Breaking it down into smaller goals will give you the confidence you may need to push past any challenges! Refuse to start your weight loss journey with a bunch of self-doubt.  Refuse saying things like “I will fail”, “I am not strong enough”, or, “It's too hard”. You’ve got this! Staying committed to accomplishing that first milestone will be just the encouragement you need to push on to the next!

Remember, the key to success is to focus on goals. Together, we’ll help you set and achieve those milestone mini-goals that will light the way as you progress towards your ultimate weight loss goal. And each one is going to feel oh, so good!

Get on board with Metabolic Research Center and....”Celebrate Weight Loss, Come On!”  We’ve got a milestone board just waiting for your signature!

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Blog Image: Celebrate Weight Loss!

Lakethia Lost 50LBS!

Blog Image: Celebrate Weight Loss!

Adam Lost 60LBS!


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Loved the program and the people. They were always so helpful explaining products, suggesting how to make them interesting. Innovative ideas for menus. When i ran into a spell where I wasn't making much progress, they offered encouragement and ideas to break the plateau.


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