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Weight Loss SuccessWhat are all these poster boards we see everywhere? Why are they all over your center walls? If you are asking this question then you have likely NOT been to one of our weight loss centers, yet. Any Metabolic client can tell you, without pause, that these are Pounds Lost Boards, places of celebration, infact most of us can show you just exactly where we signed our name on the 10, 20 or 30 pound board.

Weight loss takes work, it takes dedication, and it takes a bit of chutzpah. You've put on your brave pants, said no thank you to your coworkers birthday cake (why are there so many!), and prepared your breakfast everyday for weeks...you deserve to celebrate, to own your success, to memorialize your awesomeness. It's this celebration, this spirit, this sense of united purpose that encompasses what we ,at MRC, lovingly call "pounds lost boards".

Losing Weight Rocks

Research tells us that when you are trying to accomplish something you need to set mini-goals, small attainable goals, like a road map dotted with stops along the way that let you know you are on your way to reaching the end goal. Saying "I need to lose 50 pounds" might sound daunting, even hopeless. But saying "I am going to sign my 10 pound board next week" sounds absolutely doable. It's smart to set small goals that you can reach, each small goal helps to build your confidence, it's one more rung on the ladder. We often start this weight loss journey with a bag full of self doubt, telling ourselves things like; I will fail, I am not strong enough, It's too hard, but then something magical happens, we see a bit of success and the spark has been lit! With every board you sign, every pound you lose, every minute you exercise, you are proving those doubts in your mind wrong, and you are rewriting the script.


Gloria is signing her 160 pound milestone board, and celebrating that fact that she has transformed her life!

Gloria Lost 160 pounds

Celebrate your success! You had a choice and you chose to get rid of that extra weight, to let go of those pounds you did not need. As you lose weight you are gaining health, boosting your energy, bolstering your self esteem—and that ROCKS! Find your nearest Metabolic Research Center at http://www.emetabolic.com/#mrc-loc and let us show you how FUN losing weight can be!

50 pounds lost


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