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Ketosis 101

Ketosis is a fancy and very scientific sounding word that simply means:  Your body is being forced, by eating in a particular way to draw upon its own fat reserves for energy!  We know that ketosis is great for weight loss because, “If you’re using your fat; you’re losing your fat!  Pretty simple, right?

Blog Image: Ketosis 101How It Works

Your body expends energy 24 hours of every day; it’s needed for everything you do.  This includes the things we’re not even consciously aware of like; breathing, sleeping, and smiling!  Regardless of our awareness, we’re expending energy...lots and lots of energy! Here’s how following your Metabolic menu will ensure ketosis and your body’s need to use its stored fat!

“The Path of Least Resistance”  Since your body is designed to survive, it will naturally mobilize and use its energy sources in the order of what’s easiest to convert to energy, to what’s the most difficult to convert to energy.  It makes sense then to see why your body so easily and willingly stores unused carbohydrates...aka, fat!  Our bodies are naturally lazy (did I just say that?) and always want what’s easy!  So, to get into a “ketogenic state”, which takes about 2-3 days; your body must first exhaust all of the easier energy sources before resorting to its fat stores.   The Path of Least Resistance goes like this:  

Blog Image: Ketosis 101

  1. Carbohydrates: Your body will first use all available carbohydrates because they require the least amount of energy to break down and use.  Once they’re exhausted, your body will find and use:
  2. Sugar (natural sugar like that of an orange, or processed sugar like that in candy).  Then when that’s exhausted, your body will look for:
  3. Fats (healthy or unhealthy) and once they’re used up your body will even look for:
  4. Alcohol, because alcohol converts to sugar in the digestion process.  Finally, and only because it has no other choice; your body will resort to using: you guessed it,
  5. Stored Body Fat!  It’s last because stored fat requires the greatest expenditure of energy to break it down into something usable.

Blog Image: Ketosis 101Benefits of Ketosis

Once in ketosis, you can say goodbye to constant cravings and  hunger, blood sugar dysregulation, high triglycerides and rapid aging!  And no more putting up with impaired cognition, sluggish digestion, and slow weight loss either!  Instead, you’ll experience satiety, better energy, increased lean muscle mass (giving you a more physically beautiful and toned body), an increase in good cholesterol (HDL), faster fat loss, and feeling fabulous ALL THE TIME!   Our Clients are always saying, ”Oh my gosh, I feel so energized!”, and “My cravings are gone!”.  Then they ask us, “What’s going on?” We say,”Ketosis!”


Blog Image: Ketosis 101How Quickly Can I Get Into Ketosis?

It usually takes about 48-72 hours.  Eager to lose weight, Clients have been asking, “What can I do to get into ketosis faster?”  Well, we met the challenge and formulated an amazing product! So now, if you don’t want to wait to get into ketosis, you don’t have to!  All it takes is 40-60 minutes with our new KETO SUPREME!

Ketosis really is the perfect remedy for obesity!  Metabolic Research Center has used it in our benchmark menu (called MORE) for over 30 years!  It works fantastically and is wildly popular to this day!  By learning the art of “perfect pairing” of your foods while on Program, we successfully teach our Clients how to beat the odds of weight regain in their Maintenance portion of Program.


Blog Image: Ketosis 101 Your Won’t Be Deprived

Your MRC Menu offers you over 140 food choices and that translates into literally thousands of meal combinations to choose from!  In just one meal you have a choice between over 40 different proteins, 15 yummy fruits, 35 nutrient dense vegetables and who wouldn’t want to eat avocado, bacon, butter, salmon, nuts, olives, seeds, pepperoni, sour cream, half & half and cream cheese every day as their healthy fats? Woo-hoo!!  No deprivation here; that’s for sure!

One final note, with Ketosis; either you’re in or you’re out.  Even that one extra bite, lick, taste, or sip (we call those B.L.T.S.) of something not on your menu will likely upset the delicate balance that allows ketosis and will stop your weight loss.  Consider that anything you add outside of what’s called for on your menu will be considered by the body (because of the path of least resistance) as “COMPETITION” to your stored fat. So remember...the best practice is to follow your menu exactly as it is written...but, if you do make an off menu choice...remember, nix the negative self talk that will only sabotage you...then get back on your Program at your very next meal!  


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