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How Much Fat Do You Have to Lose?


Understanding how much fat that you have to lose is a surprisingly important weight loss detail that is often overlooked and misunderstood. Yes, it is true that nearly two-thirds of our population is considered to be overweight with an estimated 45 million Americans confessing to being on a diet for up to six months each year. And, even during the off years when it appears the dieting craze is down nationwide, many people still feel that they need to shed pounds and inches if they expect to become the person they truly want to be.

So, how much fat do you have (not need) to lose?

One of the main reasons that so many dieters are frustrated by failed attempts at losing weight may lie in a basic lack of knowledge as well as the tremendous amount of misinformation that is out there. Years ago researchers released their findings that a pound of unwanted fat contains about 3,500 calories. From that generalized assumption, people quickly did the math and concluded that by physically burning or reducing the consumption of 500 calories a day would equate to losing a pound a week. This has since been adopted as the "Rule of Thumb" for weight loss.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of variables that this simple calculation doesn't include. According to Dr. Pamela Peeke, senior science advisor and author of The Hunger Fix, there is a lot of difference in how a reduction of 3,500 calories a week will impact a given dieter based on how much fat they actually have to lose. Someone with lots of fat will find it easy to lose fat first with a lesser loss of muscle. However, if the diet is based on a reduction in carbohydrates, the pounds shed during the early phase will also contain water weight. This is important to understand as a return to the original consumption of carbs will result in weight gain, which often kills a well-intended diet.

The difference in being a dieter or someone who is committed to losing weight by restoring their good health is put to the test at this point. This is where most fad diets fail as there is no consideration of how much fat, water, and muscle is being lost.. just what number appears on the bathroom scale. In other words, another failed diet in the making that will most likely lead to an increase in frustration. At the Metabolic Research Center, our weight loss consultants personalize every plan to meet the specific needs of their clients and provide the education, support, and encouragement needed for them to set realistic weight loss goals. Before you start another calorie-counting diet that's doomed for failure, contact the center nearest you for a free consultation.


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