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7 Steps to Weight Loss Success In The New Year

Blog Image: 7 Steps to Weight Loss Success In The New Year

New Year’s resolutions can feel so daunting, so hopeless, so “I’ve done that before”, we can relate! But what if we looked at them in a different way, what if they weren’t resolutions at all but instead they were new opportunities, a fresh start, or a chance to hit the reset button? Instead of resolving to do something, wow that sounds awful, instead let’s forge ahead, set new goals, and decide to excel this year.  

» Reflect on the past year and then let it go. In order to move forward, you must know what worked and what didn't work for you in the past. What were your goals last year? Are they the same goals you have for this year? If so, don't beat yourself up. Ask yourself why you succeeded or why you didn't, and be willing to change course as necessary. Now that you know what tools worked and which ones didn’t, move on!

» Set SMART goals. Many people set ambiguous New Year’s resolutions. Goals such as "lose weight" and "exercise more" are too vague, and people often have a difficult time achieving these more broad goals. The key is to make sure your goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-Bound. For example, SMART goals would be, "I will lose 15 pounds in a month" or "I will exercise at least three times a week." These goals have exact numbers, deadlines, and are attainable when you put forth the effort.

» Tell ‘em to the world. Don't keep your goals, hopes, wishes and dreams a secret. Tell family, friends, and co-workers about your goals to improve your health. This may help you find a buddy who shares your same goals, which will be a great motivation. Metabolic Research Center is committed to helping you succeed, as well; come in for your free consultation and discuss your goals with a weight-loss consultant!

» Measure your success. Many people set their new year's resolutions on Jan. 1st and then assess them again on Dec. 31st. You can improve your odds of attaining your goals if you track your progress and adjust your approach weekly. Empower yourself by tracking your achievements in a fun and visual way. For example, make colorful “I Am Awesome” posters and charts for mapping progress. Consider creating a vision board like we did here.

» Shine a light on the good. When you are so anxious to reach your goal, it is easy to be too hard on yourself. Realize that everything takes time, and commit to positive thinking. Look for success in small increments by focusing on your short-term goals and avoiding "all or nothing" thinking. When you are losing weight every SINGLE pound lost counts and deserves to be celebrated. You can do this!

» Reward your awesomeness. Honor your successes, big and small, with positive, fun, and healthy rewards. Treat yourself to something that you enjoy that does not contradict your goals. For example, if you've been sticking to your promise to eat better, perhaps your reward could be a new smoothie machine, a crockpot, or even something as simple as a coffee date with your bestie.

» Stick to it. Experts say it takes about 21 days for a new activity, such as exercising, to become a habit, and six months for it to become part of your personality. Commit to your goals, and your new healthful habits will become second-nature in no time. Weigh-in twice per week with your MRC team to ensure those good habits are reinforced and supported. You can do this, and we will help!


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