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The MRC Approach to Weight Loss

Blog Image: The MRC Approach to Weight Loss

Please join us for this 3 minute “Facebook Live” segment featuring Weight Loss Specialists, Sara and Kim.  From our beautiful Center in Fort Smith, Arkansas, they’ll tell you about:

  • Losing weight safely and quickly
  • Expected rate of weight loss
  • Benefits of ketogenic and nonketogenic weight loss
  • How DNA and Hormone testing will help
  • And they’ll share success stories with you

Losing weight safely and quickly can be YOUR REALITY! Losing 2-5 pounds every week will leave you feeling youthful, energetic, mentally focused and even hormonally balanced! That's right, we can even unlock the secrets of your hormones and DNA with a simple test!  Weight loss has been our expertise for 35 years, including ketogenic diets! Our coaching is second to none and we give you the education and support you’ll need to stay fit for life! You’re gonna have a good time while you lose weight too!  Our Centers are fun, lively and full of successful people; just like you! You’ll meet Karen who lost 120 pounds and Trey who lost 58 pounds! If improved mental clarity, better sleep, energy, stamina, disease prevention and the greatest sense of self you can imagine is for you, then Metabolic is too!  Give yourself the gift of choice, flexibility and super fast weight loss with Metabolic Research Center! Call us today for your free consultation...but first, watch this short video!



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I started at MRC of Melbourne in March 2021 with Coach Monica. I have lost 34 pounds and I feel great. MRC offers a range of options for weight loss. And while there are supplements and injections, I opted for a program that is diet based, using a simple meal plan, along with protein drinks and soups. I make an effort to walk every day and I have hip issues. I am 61 and of course, post menopause which makes it difficult for some women to lose weight. I struggled during COVID (sitting all day working from home). I saw a post on Facebook where a friend had lost her first 10 pounds at MRC and I inquired about the program. I am well on my way to an even healthier life for me, my family and grandkids. My Coaches, Denise and Monica, are very friendly and supportive. They are good listeners and know their business. I found my first visit to be no pressure and selected the program most suited to me and my health. I feel WONDERFUL. Something to think about - A year from now you may regret what you didn't start today! Go for it!


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