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Staying on Top of the Mountain

Blog Image: Staying on Top of the Mountain

We’ve all been there - we work our booties off on the latest diet trend or popular workout.  We lose weight, feel great about our progress, and think that nothing could ever take us off Cloud 9! We’ve climbed the mountain, and it feels good to be on top and in control of our weight and health.  However, before we know it, the weight starts creeping back on.  We start to feel less and less motivated, proud of ourselves, and likely begin to feel out of control. A vicious cycle begins and before we can stop it, we end up where we never wanted to be again - off track and uncomfortable. From there it just keeps snowballing.  Wouldn’t it be great to lose weight and keep it off for good?


The key to keeping weight off is adopting a lifestyle that is conducive to maintaining a healthy body. This requires commitment and dedication to yourself to begin with, but once you’re on track, it’s easy to stay there! Think about it - it’s easier to maintain a habit once it’s there than it is to start one new. This concept alone brings us to the primary reason why “diets” don’t work.  We buy into the idea that a quick fix will make us happy and get us to where we want to be.  Sometimes, we even feel like we have outsmarted the “diet” and have achieved long-term weight loss. In reality, this is usually not the case. Once the “diet” is over, we go back to our old ways, routines, and unhealthy lifestyles.

To help you avoid that common and frustrating pitfall, here are some good habits that are established on the Metabolic Research Center weight loss plan that will help you truly keep that weight off for a lifetime!


Keep Food Journaling

Food journaling is a great way to keep track of what you’ve eaten, prepare for future meals, and hold yourself accountable for your food actions. A food journal doesn’t just have to be limited to food, though. Use your food journal as a way of tracking all of your healthy decisions and keep all of the great things you do in one place. For example,  you can also track your water intake and daily activity. Little wins like getting in 8 glasses of water a day can be quite motivating towards helping you stay on track with your health goals.


Keep Healthy Foods In and Unhealthy Foods Out

We all have probably indulged on something a little less than healthy from time to time. And this is generally okay as long as these foods are consumed sparingly. Just as it’s more difficult to work out everyday when you don’t have a gym nearby, it’s more difficult to eat junk food every day when you don’t have those foods nearby. With so many options outside of your home for temptation,  your home should be a safe space from junk foods. Keep your refrigerator and pantry full of healthy, wholesome foods that fuel your body instead of dragging it down.The bottom line: the further away it is from you, the further away your desire to immediately indulge in that food becomes.


Lean on Your Support System

To keep weight off long-term, you should have a support system that understands your journey and cheers you on.  Successful clients report that their support systems were integral to keeping the weight off long term.  A support system can be anyone from a spouse to a coworker to truly anyone. The key is to make sure that anyone you choose to be a part of your support system truly wants you to succeed and will refrain from influencing you to step outside of your healthy habits and goals. Sometimes our best friends and our closest family members may not be the right fit for that role, and that’s okay, too!

Are you having trouble finding a support system? Reach out to your local Metabolic Research Center! Lean on your Weight Loss Coaches for support or the center can put you into contact with other like-minded clients who value their health and fitness. The goal is to surround yourself with those who believe in you just as much as you do. You'll never come down from that victorious mountain top again!


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I started at MRC of Melbourne in March 2021 with Coach Monica. I have lost 34 pounds and I feel great. MRC offers a range of options for weight loss. And while there are supplements and injections, I opted for a program that is diet based, using a simple meal plan, along with protein drinks and soups. I make an effort to walk every day and I have hip issues. I am 61 and of course, post menopause which makes it difficult for some women to lose weight. I struggled during COVID (sitting all day working from home). I saw a post on Facebook where a friend had lost her first 10 pounds at MRC and I inquired about the program. I am well on my way to an even healthier life for me, my family and grandkids. My Coaches, Denise and Monica, are very friendly and supportive. They are good listeners and know their business. I found my first visit to be no pressure and selected the program most suited to me and my health. I feel WONDERFUL. Something to think about - A year from now you may regret what you didn't start today! Go for it!


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