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Making the Most of Your Weight Loss Planner

Blog Image: Making the Most of Your Weight Loss Planner

It’s time to clear the clutter, pull out all the stops and zero in on what will help you lose weight! We realize that at first thought, using a Planner may ‘seem’ like just another time-consuming chore; but it’s really the exact opposite! You see, the small investment of time is well worth the effort because it actually helps you lose weight by supporting your own goals! Sticking to them is what is going to make your dreams of weight loss a reality! It’s true; “We become what we think about” so, let’s break this process down into small but meaningful sections:

“My Week Ahead” This section is dedicated to helping you hone in on your goals for the upcoming week. Use it to map out your strategies and clearly state your intended accomplishments. By planning ahead and building a success map you’ll protect your program from being hijacked. We start by recording your current weight and setting a goal weight for the end of the week. If you currently weigh 197 and you’d like to weigh 194; write it down! Writing down your next goal increases your odds of achieving it.

Weight loss is so much more than the number on the scale. That’s why our Planner also helps you set goals for other areas of your life. Goals other than weight loss for example can be things like: starting a hobby, completing a project, making time to meditate, or just enjoying a little R&R.

The next section we plan for is “Rewards”. How do you plan on rewarding yourself for achieving your goals? Studies in behavior tell us that we are more likely to complete tasks when there is a reward at the end. This gift to yourself can be big or small, it can cost something or it can be free! Just the act of recognizing your efforts and success is incentive enough to keep you going. You might consider a pedicure, a massage, a new blouse, quiet time to listen to some tunes, a Zoom call with a friend that makes you laugh, or simply; some “me time”. Even if it’s something you do for yourself already; do it this time because you’re rewarding yourself for a job well done!

“What’s your inspiration?” Inspiration is defined as “the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something”. Think deeply about whatever it is that’s inspiring you to stick with your plans or whatever it is that you’re looking forward too; then jot it down. It will propel you to take meaningful action!

“Your Day to Day Journal” A full page is dedicated to each day of the week. When you stick to your written plan; this is where the real magic and transformation happens! Not only will you record your food and drink choices, but also, the number of hours you sleep, your exercise, water consumption, and even the supplements you’re taking.

If you truly want to maximize your results, PLANNING AHEAD is a must.
Whether it’s just for the next day, the next few days, or for the entire week; writing out what you plan to eat is where you’ll see the full tilt success you deserve! Without preparation, it’s those busy and unpredictable days that can trip us up. All it takes is coming home from one of those long and stressful days to appreciate your well thought out plan. You won’t even have to think about what you’re going to eat because you’ve already been there and done that! Having a few things prepped ahead of time means you’re much less likely to entertain off-menu choices that are sure to set you back.

In conclusion, fully utilizing your Planner will not only ensure that you lose weight and be healthier overall but without even realizing it; you’re creating new healthy habits that may very well last a lifetime!

Remember... planning for your success will ensure you meet your goals!

Ask your Consultant for Planner at your next visit.

Enjoy your results!


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MRC of Vancouver started me going in my attempt to loose 30 years of weight gain!! I have been using their program for about 18 months and have actually lost 30 pounds. I have changed the way I eat. I've learned what foods are best for ME. By analyzing my DNA and hormones, they helped me learn to eat what was right for me. I have "tweeked" my purchases and preparation of food to make eating healthy and still fun for me. I eat lots of veggies and salads and include a healthy diet of protein. These are very satisfying. Do I "cheat" now and then? Yes, but I don't like how I feel after eating sugar and lots of carbs so I return to my good foods quickly and continue to see my weight drop. I walk my little dog four times a day and have a part-time job that allows me a lot of movement. I feel so healthy and wonderful. It's easy to continue to eat and live a more healthy lifestyle! When I confessed about eating the wrong "foods", the gals simply encouraged me and gave me fresh ideas to satisfy my taste buds. I always felt I could be honest during my consultations with no fear of being lectured! I plan to continue until I reach my desired weight. I expect to reach my goal by 2017. After I reach my weight goal, I plan to remain in good health with my new found healthy way of eating the calories I need to maintain my proper weight. My Dr. is very pleased at my progress. She wondered how I have lost 30 pounds.


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