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Stress and Weight Gain

Blog Image: Stress and Weight Gain

Stress can be thought of as the spice of life – the spark that ignites and primes us for each day. Stress we can handle and stress that gets out of hand – stress vs. distress – marks the difference between adrenal balance or imbalance. Adrenals in balance produce enough of the master stress hormone, cortisol, to build and maintain our mental and physical energy, immunities and stress-coping skills. Adrenals under pressure become overworked and out of balance. When that happens, we may run out of steam more easily, sleep fitfully, pack on pounds in our middle, develop allergies or fall prey to every flu bug and virus that comes along.

The Adrenal Glands: Small but mighty

Blog Image: Stress and Weight Gain

The adrenal glands are two tiny pyramids that sit on top of the kidneys and release the hormones DHEA, adrenalin (in an emergency) and cortisol (our get-up-and-go hormone). Hundreds of times a day, these mighty little glands fine-tune our stress-coping skills. When our lives are balanced by optimal nutrition, supplements and enough sleep and exercise, the adrenals perform for us around the clock. When our lives are out of balance and we’re burning the candle at both ends, our adrenal capacities burn out – and so do we.

Stress, weight gain and belly fat.

When stress is prolonged, cortisol levels start to seesaw, triggering blood sugar and insulin imbalances, food and sugar cravings, sleep disturbances, weight gain and the dreaded belly fat. Both high and low cortisol levels create imbalances of other weight-related hormones, impacting testosterone, loss of lean muscle mass, and slowing thyroid function and metabolism – a double whammy when it comes to weight gain. If stress becomes chronic, the adrenals remain in “survival mode,” steadily increasing fat reserves while immunities gradually weaken.

Do you have adrenal imbalance symptoms?

  • Allergies/asthma
  • Anxiety/nervousness
  • Belly fat
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Fatigue (morning and/or afternoon)
  • High stress
  • Irritability
  • Lack of energy/burnout
  • Low/no libido
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Sugar cravings
  • Susceptible to illness and infection

If you have two or more symptoms above that have been persistent or troublesome over the last six months to a year, testing your cortisol and other hormone levels can identify imbalances and help to correct them through Metabolic Research Center’s Hormone Optimization Program.

What saliva testing can tell you.

Saliva testing of cortisol levels at four points during the day (morning, noon, evening and bedtime) can chart adrenal function and the extent to which your cortisol levels are out of balance. Hormone test results can then serve as a guide to strengthen adrenal balance as part of your weight loss strategy.

Blog Image: Stress and Weight Gain

Metabolic Research Center’s Hormone Optimization Program can help you reach your weight-loss goals:


  • Saliva hormone testing can help detect and correct adrenal imbalances of cortisol that encourage excess weight, particularly belly fat.
  • Metabolic Research Center’s weight-loss programs provide the optimal balance of nutrients and supplements.
  • Metabolic Research Center has several products that are specifically formulated to balance adrenal cortisol levels. Ask your MRC weight-loss consultant about Natural Balance Cream, CortiTrim, 7-Keto DHEA, Metabolic GlucoseFormula, Super Veggi Drink Mix, Essential Fatty Acids and others!

 Your MRC weight-loss consultant can advise you on the full range of adrenal support we offer with personalized lifestyle and exercise tips to help you reduce stress, improve stress-coping skills and whittle your middle! Contact Us Now!


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