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Holiday Eating: Tips for a Successful Season!

Blog Image: Holiday Eating: Tips for a Successful Season!

Cookies, and candy, and cake - OH MY!  It’s no secret that the holidays bring an endless stream of parties, tempting treats, adult beverages, and more.  Despite being heavily outnumbered by daily indulgences, there are easy ways to strike a balance between maintaining a healthy lifestyle and enjoying all the nostalgic goodness that the holidays bring.  


9 Tips for Successful Holiday Eating

  1. Exercise:  Maintaining an exercise regimen over the holidays is one of the best ways to stay on track.  It can be difficult to drag yourself to the gym after a night filled with social engagements.  Going in with a healthy mindset will allow you to commit to your current plan or create a new routine better suited for the holiday season. Remember, staying healthy and active doesn’t mean you have to spend 3 hours in the gym every day. Take a long walk with the family or the dog on a clear, cool night!
  2. Eat smaller meals, more often:  Your metabolism is like a campfire. It burns most efficiently when given a steady supply of the right kind of fuel.  Consume too little, and the fire stops burning.  Consume too much, and you’re burning out of control.  Eating smaller portions at regular intervals will help maintain a steady and healthy metabolic function.  Your MRC menu is designed to support this healthy function!
  3. Plan ahead:  Be proactive.  If your weekend schedule is packed with parties, then plan your weekday meals to compensate, eating leaner menu options and stock up on MRC’s Fat & Carb Blocker.  If you’re heading out of town, pack your workout gear so you can enjoy some healthy exercise while on the go.  
  4. Nix the Sugar:  Rich, sugary foods have a devilish way of making us crave more sugar.  Limiting your intake of sugar-based treats will minimize pesky cravings and post-meal food comas. 
  5. Just Say “When”:  This means that you STOP eating as soon as you’re full.  Over the holidays, it can seem like mindless eating becomes a sport in which you and your health goals don’t need to participate!
  6. Skip Happy Hour: While one bottle of beer or a half glass of wine may seem innocent enough, alcohol contains a high amount of non-essential, empty calories.  Moderation is key and less is better.
  7. Snack Smart: Be sure to load up on healthy snacks before you roam the isles of the grocery store!  Newly updated MRC menus boast several options that serve as “freebies” on your menus. Getting tired of the same old thing? Find something new in both our online and hard-copy recipe collections!
  8. Drink Water:  Water! Water! Water! It’s as good for your health as it is for weight loss. Staying hydrated and proper digestion are just two of the many benefits this life-sustaining drink provides. If you indulge in anything this holiday season, indulge in more water!
  9. Celebrate:  Celebrate the spirit of the season by focusing on the things that matter most - friends, family, and loved ones (not the food, sweets, and drinks). May all your holidays be filled warmth, comfort and good cheer!


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