Weight Loss Motivation Goes Far Beyond a Slim Figure

Exercise for Healthy Heart

A desire to slim down and look better in a pencil skirt or a pair of jeans is the primary driving factor for losing weight. But many more important motivators exist, from disease prevention to healthy babies to a good night's sleep. Here are seven top reasons to trim down, shape up and get healthy.

  1. A fertility boost: Women with BMIs between 35 and 40 have a 23 to 43 percent decreased chance of getting pregnant compared to women whose BMI is 29. Plus, being overweight during pregnancy increases your risk of gestational diabetes and preeclampsia, as well as your baby's risk of heart disease later in life.
  2. A reduced risk of diabetes: A trim figure and a healthy, fiber-rich diet can help reduce your body's insulin load, thus reducing the risk of diabetes. 
  3. A reduced risk of cancer:  Obesity significantly boosts your risk of at least seven types of cancer including bowel, breast, gall bladder, kidney, pancreatic, throat and uterine cancer, by some 40 percent.
  4. A reduced risk of inflammatory conditions: Fat is packed with cells that release pro-inflammatory substances into your body, sapping your immune system's resources and making you more susceptible to conditions like arthritis, dermatitis and colitis. Losing weight and trimming fat will help free you of inflammatory-related aches, pains, rashes, etc.
  5. A stronger heart: Excess fat around your heart or lining your blood vessels restricts blood flow and boosts your risk of a suffering a heart attack. Losing weight assures that blood will flow more easily, lowering the chances you'll develop heart disease or suffer an adverse cardiac event.
  6. Sounder sleep: Obesity is a primary contributing factor to obstructive sleep apnea, a disorder marked by repeated stopping and starting of breathing while you sleep. This can leave you feeling groggy and unable to perform to your potential at work, in school or even behind the wheel. It also can lead to development of heart disease, heart attack, heart failure, stroke or diabetes.
  7. A longer, happier life: Being overweight by 80 pounds cuts your life expectancy by at least 10 years, and 100 extra pounds will cost you at least 14 years. It also does a number on our quality of life. Would you rather spend your years in the doctor's office with strangers or on the dance floor with someone you love? 

We here at Metabolic Research Center understand that your sincerestreasons for losing weight and getting healthy have little to do with a celebrity-worthy figure. You want to be here and be healthy for the family and friends you love. Make a commitment to better health by calling 800-501-8090 and talking with a MRC weight loss specialist in your communitytoday.



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