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Shut the door to negative thoughts

Blog Image: Shut the door to negative thoughts

When you close the door of your mind to negative thoughts, the door of opportunity opens to you.

Refreshed several times a week and sometimes every day, these words seem to fit perfectly into something I am thinking about, doing, planning to do or struggling to solve. This week I read the above "thought of the day" just as I once again, started up my exercise routine after a several week hiatus. This sparked some neurons firing and led to some revealing thoughts about how I have a pattern of exercising for a while, absolutely loving it and thinking to myself how wonderful I feel and how much this is helping my physical, mental and emotional health, seeing and more importantly FEELING the benefits.

Inevitably for me, and my conclusion is for many of you as well, I do well for a few days or weeks, depending on what’s going on in my environment and then I let something knock me off the track and once I am off, whoo hoo is it three times harder to start up again. In retrospect, I realize that my door to negative thoughts is open and I keep virtually "stepping in". You may be thinking that I am just a procrastinator but I really am not; I promise, really, I'll prove it next week… Seriously, this is more of a resistance to self-care by way of a negative door in my mind. I am sooooo good at focusing on why and how I "can't, shouldn't, really shouldn't and most likely won't" get started again especially in the area of self-care, exercise, and other healthy lifestyle tasks. And guess what...this pattern seeps over into my eating habits as well...

How many of you are struggling with the negative thought door? So what do we do about it? Amazingly and seemingly simple enough, it starts with a positive thought! Not to be redundant here, but...I think thoughts really don't get the credit they deserve and are HIGHLY underestimated. We can change our perceptions and often times our lives with the power of thought. We need to close that door, no, we need to SLAM that door to the negative thoughts. We need to open that positive thought door WIDE OPEN and persistently focus on the benefits, the solutions, why we need to start or re-start healthy eating, exercise and anything to do with self-care and a healthy lifestyle. How many of you are out there, right now, thinking of all the reasons why starting a weight loss program and exercise routine or any healthy lifestyle change won't work? Some of the thoughts that kept me immobilized were "I think I am feeling a bit under the weather, I can't exercise if I am feeling a bit sick, I can't do it this week, my husband still hasn't cleaned out the garage space I asked him to (that one worked for 7 weeks!), I can't exercise, I didn't get my 71/2-8 hours of sleep, now is not the best time to start, it will be better if I try to start later... I challenge you to think about how and why it WILL work, needs to work and all the benefits that come with it. I am on day 5 of my restart and will keep you posted.


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