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Get Moving!

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Any exercise is good exercise.  Have you ever said that you didn’t have time to exercise?  Spending just five minutes a day contracting and working your muscles is five more minutes than what you were doing!  Once you make an effort to exercise, not only will you start seeing a difference but you will feel a difference.  You will have more energy and you will be in control of your life.  You can exercise just about anywhere!  Guess what?  Walking is a perfect form of exercise.  It’s simple and easy.  The only way you can fail is by simply not doing it.

You say you are not a walker!  Find something that you enjoy doing….dancing, bicycling, roller skating. The sky is the limit!  Just get off that couch and get moving.  Get your heart pumping and make it fun!  Put on you favorite tunes and dance away the pounds!!  Take your dog for a walk around the block or even to the park.  Going to the mall and walking around.  Park in a parking space at the end of the parking lot and walk.  Run up the stairs instead of taking the elevator.  Just keep in mind to find something that you enjoy so that you will stick with it.

You can even exercise while watching your favorite television show.  During commercials, try using hand weights, doing sit ups, or just simply walking in place until your show comes back on.  You will be surprised how much exercise you can get in during a two hour movie or even during a 30 minute sitcom.  Plus, it will keep your mind off of running to the fridge for that quick snack!  Less snacks and more exercise equals a smaller more fit you!

What are you waiting for?  Get moving!  Make exercise a part of your daily routine.  You will look better and feel better!  You are worth it!


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