Best Grocery Store Finds For Easier Weight Loss

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Weight loss is such an exciting experience. Imagine, implementing healthy lifestyle changes and seeing the number on the scale decrease, your clothing sizes shrink, and your health improve! But we know that weight loss can also feel somewhat confusing at times. With so many different methods, plans, programs, and ideas, it’s hard to know which one is going to be right for you. Metabolic Research Center (known to our clients as just “MRC”) takes a personalized approach to weight loss. Your program is customized to your goals, health, dieting history, current lifestyle, and more. At the core of every program is a menu that centers around real, whole foods (not pre-packaged meals, liquid diets, or starvation diets). The foods you eat on your program are the same foods that you buy in your local grocery store and prepare at home! In fact, many MRC Menus feature more than 150 different food options ranging between protein, vegetables, fruits, starches, healthy fats, and snacks. With so much choice, the combinations and possibilities for delicious, satisfying and healthy meals are going to lead you right to your weight loss goals - all without feeling deprived!

We know that sometimes so many options can end up feeling daunting for many - especially those of us who aren’t natural chefs in the kitchen. But you don’t need to be a Michelin Star chef to prepare meals that you and your family will love and find yourselves coming back to again and again. Along with your personalized menu comes support from a team of professional Weight Loss Coaches (many of whom have gone through a weight loss journey of their own). Your MRC Coaches are there to provide motivation, support, education, and many times ideas for your menus and meals! In addition to your team of MRC Coaches, you’ve also got access to our private online support communities where clients and coaches both share ideas for their favorite meals, recipes, and more. We know that not everyone needs this level of support when it comes to losing weight, but every client who has reached their goal with MRC has shared with us that the support and encouragement they received from their MRC Coaches are what motivated them to keep going (through the good and the bad) and saw them to the finish line! These resources are always available to you - use them as much or as little as you need as you to see progress and keep on going!

Blog Image: Best Grocery Store Finds For Easier Weight Loss

After 33 years of helping clients lose weight, we’ve learned that sharing ideas for foods and meals is a critical component of having a program experience that is fun and fresh. After all, when you love what you eat, weight loss is that much easier! And there is so much to love on MRC Menus! One of the most popular topics of discussion in our online support groups are “Grocery Store Finds” where we regularly share plan-friendly products and fun finds right in your local grocery store. These finds aren’t your average “chicken breast” and “broccoli”, though. No, instead, think out-of-the box of healthy items such as low-carb pitas and full size tortillas, sugar-free barbeque sauces, hearts of palm pasta and more! With so many different options, there’s sure to be more than a few things you’ll love! And we’ve got recipes to fit every kind of lifestyle. From the “I love to prepare a hot meal every night” person to the “I want to cook once a week, prep it, and be done with it” jetsetter - and every lifestyle preference in between. MRC Coaches can help you find recipes that fit into and work with your lifestyle! One of the foundations of our programs is to try and find meals and food options that fit into your lifestyle.

The great news is that finding healthy foods in your grocery store is easier today than it’s ever been before! If you don't see an item that you're looking for, then ask an employee or manager: (1) if they stock this food and (2) where you can find it in the store; OR if they don’t stock it, request that they begin stocking it! Oftentimes, some of your best finds on shelves got there because another customer like you requested it! Many brands that we showcase also have a “Grocery Store Finder” feature on their website where you can plug in your zip code and the company will provide you with a list of grocers and retailers that they supply to where you can buy the product. Or you can also email the company and see if they can provide you with a "where to find" resource.

Blog Image: Best Grocery Store Finds For Easier Weight Loss

Knowing where to find delicious, healthy foods is just one part of the equation. The other part is knowing how you can incorporate them into delicious, healthy meals that you (and your family) actually want to eat! At MRC, we do just that! Below are a few of our favorite recipes that feature some of our favorite finds (in parentheses)! 

Blog Image: Best Grocery Store Finds For Easier Weight Loss

Want to make sure you never miss a new grocery store find? Then follow us on Pinterest where we regularly update our boards with the latest and greatest buys found in local grocery stores and retailers! Visit our “Grocery Store Finds” Pinterest board here and stay up to date with all of our favorite finds!

The meals you prepare are just one piece of the weight loss puzzle. Ready to take the next step in your healthy lifestyle and ramp up your weight loss? Get connected with an MRC Team near you! Our local teams of professional Weight Loss Specialists have all the tips, tricks, and tools you’ll need to lose the weight, enjoy the process, and keep it off for a lifetime! One of those secrets we’ve shared with you already today: healthy, delicious foods from your local grocery store that you can easily prepare into meals the entire family can enjoy! Gone are the days of “my meal” and “their meal” at the dinner table. Spend less time in the kitchen, and more time creating unforgettable moments with the ones you love as you become your healthiest you!

Blog Image: Best Grocery Store Finds For Easier Weight Loss


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