Helping his Mom get her life back!


We are totally honored to share the story of our very own Vincent Ferrucci and his amazing mother, Marie. Vincent works with MRC Centers in Texas and Louisiana,  helping clients transform their lives, but today we want to focus on one very special life he helped to change…his very own Mom.

Meet Marie , 107 Pounds Lost (and counting!)

For the first time in my adult life I can now wear jeans! I have lost 107 pounds and down 8 sizes! I contribute my recent success to my consultant, Emma, and my son, Vincent, who have been there by my side to support and answer the questions I never knew who to ask…my doctor says I will soon come off my blood pressure medication, and they are lowering my insulin.

I never thought I could take control of my life back. I was lost, feeling all alone and completely hopeless. Then I met MRC, and my world began to change. I started to take my herbal support, and I love the drinks and soups– I am alive again!

I have taken back control of my life. I will be the vibrant, powerful, fun-loving, caring, sexy woman I know I am! I’ve turned 60+ and have never thankyou_vincentfelt better! 60’s are now the new 30’s in my eyes…Thank you Metabolic Research Center, Emma, and my son, Vincent, for helping me take my life back!


Marie's Son Vincent Shares His Thoughts:

How does one describe watching their mother come alive again, and take back her life?

Vincent lost 50 pounds

After losing my first 20 pounds I could see a transformation taking place. I was experiencing such change and becoming so excited about my life; I knew I had to share this with my mother.

I watched my mother go through the horrific experience of seeing her own Mom deteriorate over the years, due to obesity, and I witnessed the pain she felt when we eventually lost her. After this I made a promise to my mother that we would become closer than ever and begin accomplishing our dreams of traveling the world.

Each year, I watched it become harder and harder for my mother to travel, first Italy, then Greece, and finally Israel.


 Metabolic Research Center truly changed my life, not only was I beginning a new transformation for myself, I was setting a great example for my own children. I finally had that heart to heart conversation with my mom!

Mommy, I can't lose you; I need you to be around. We have a whole lot more ground to cover if we're going to see the world together. Come join me on the MRC program we can do it together. I promise I'll support you every step of the way, we will find the new you! I have done just that! Watching my mother transform and become excited about each milestone she accomplishes; literally to this day still sends goose bumps down my spine!

My conversations with my mother these days are no longer listening to her cry and be depressed, it's about the new pair of jeans she's wearing, a new size she's gotten into, how the doctors lowering her blood pressure and diabetes medication, the new recipes she's coming up with, and all of the fun and exciting ways she has learned to pamper herself regarding her success. When we talk about how she contributes her success to our plan, the herbal support, our new food choices, and her protein supplements, I am overwhelmed and so proud of what I do and she and I did together.

There are days I listen to her giggle and chuckle while she laughs and tells me her stories about the compliments and experiences she’s having now that she's down 100+ pounds. She's motivated more than ever to reach that goal.

I made the decision to join the team at Metabolic Research Center as an employee and change lives, not only am I doing that but I have supported my own mother in changing her life. What in the world could be a better gift than that.

Every day I wake up feeling the need and wanting to share my mother's success from the tallest rooftop or the highest mountain I can find. I love you Mommy! Keep up the great work! We have a trip to plan!50poundcelebration

Thank you MRC for helping me save my mother’s life.



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The staff is very supportive and really cares about you and your goals. I love the fact that I can go in everyday if I need to and have a one on one discussion about my goals, struggles and successes. They are very good at encouraging and inspiring you. Thank you Metabolic Research Center of Eugene for helping me achieve a healthy lifestyle!!!


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