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Wayne's Story

Metabolic probably saved my life, it most certainly changed my life for the better. I've lost 144 pounds on the Metabolic plan. The ladies who work in my Center in Columbus, GA are supportive, kind, and encouraging every time I come in to check in. The plans work, this is the only "diet" that I have ever been on that I do not feel like I was starving. The menus give you plenty of food options to choose from. Before starting I had diabetes and high blood pressure. Since losing the weight with Metabolic my diabetes has disappeared and about a year ago, before even losing all my weight, I was taken off my medication. My blood pressure has been averaging around 117/75, I can't ask for any better. With Metabolic and the good Lord's help I now have a good chance to see my children grow into adulthood and hopefully some grandchildren down the road. I couldn't ask for anything more from Metabolic than what they've given me--- which is my life back. Wayne Jernigan, Jr.

The MRC Team are wonderful. I have lost half of my goal weight. I would recommend anyone who wants to lose weight to call them.

— Stacey Lewis

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